Candy Apple Plates

candy apple goods

This year’s Halloween celebration was not complete without a variation on candied apples for Neve’s third grade class party. It took a whole lot of apple slicing, a little creativity in selecting toppings. and ended with such a fun, festive, and tasty snack!

Candy slices.JPG

I found Honey Crisp apples on sale for $1.99/lb. and the kids loved their perfect combination of crunchy sweet and tart (even without sugary toppings!).

Candy traysThe candy tins were a joint effort – we incorporated chocolates (M&Ms, chocolate and butterscotch chips), fruit (coconut and raisins), salty fare (pretzels), and color (sprinkles and fruity pebbles) to round out the fun.

candy apple plateWe also offered caramel, chocolate sauce, and honey to help the goodies stick. The result was a tailored-to-self apple dessert perfect for kiddos. I bet this will be a Halloween class party these third graders remember for years to come!

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