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Japanese mapleThe 24-hour news cycle remains a constant barrage of Trump’s impeachment – every procedural detail and political strategy are scrutinized and analyzed in excruciating detail by any and every legal scholar, news analyst, political scientist, former government official, and historian willing to speak on record. While I believe in the imperative (and dare I suggest impending) removal of a man who embodies the antithesis of American ideals – principally law, justice, equity, and inclusion – from our highest office, I am disappointed to see mainstream media confined by self-manufactured tunnel-vision. And I need a multi-day break from the tumult. So, I’m looking behind the national headlines today to see what I’ve missed…

Earlier this month, more than one hundred celebrities showed their support for the UK-based Extinction Rebellion and signed an open letter to the media acknowledging the hypocrisy of their high-carbon lifestyles. As the wife of a musician, I was particularly heartened to see several bands vowed to put their music where their mouths are on the climate crisis. I hope the celebrity backed effort demanding urgency on this existential threat helps to fuel meaningful momentum.

Back in North America, the migrant crisis continues to smolder at our southern border with flames of violence flaring across cartel-controlled territories in Mexico where migrants are forcibly stranded while they await for distant court dates. The ACLU sent reporters to tell the stories of asylum seekers and refugees who have become victims of extortion, kidnapping, rape, and ultimately the war Trump is waging on the US asylum system.

Also not to be ignored, California is burning. At least ten fires are raging from wine country in the north to Simi Valley and Ventura County in the south. The images are surreal as tens of thousands of residents remain evacuated from their homes and hundreds of thousands are struggling without power while Pacific Gas and Electric cuts services to mitigate the risk of more blazes.

While California endures the calamities associated with warm, summer conditions, the Portland area has plunged abruptly into winter. Our neighborhood withstood a blustery storm (and a 24-hour high wind warning) with gusts of over 50 mph Monday night, and I woke up a chilling 58-degrees read on our thermostat this morning. All this cold weather has got me thinking about the holidays, which might be why the story of this Christmas song remake caught my eye today. I have to admit, as cheesy as it may be, I don’t mind the idea of singing along to John Legend telling women across the planet, “it’s your body, and your choice.”

Speaking of body choice, I also encountered this list of health benefits associated with sex – as if I really need more incentive. 😉 A couple of these did manage to surprise me: lowers heart attack risk (not just due to increased heart rate but by balancing estrogen and testosterone levels) and lessens pain. Who knew?

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