Wintery Waterfront?

This loop from the Hawthorne Bridge to the Steele and back again has been a staple for the better part of my life since I worked for Brownstein, Rask (an atrociously old-school law firm riddled with frat boys playing grownups with their weighty paychecks amidst the grab ass, ego petting, and sexual harassment) as a paralegal, then an associate attorney, beginning in 2007. In that era, I entered from 12blocks west of the Willamette River at the south end of the loop. Today I work 11 blocks north east of the river and my Garmin informs me the door-to-door route is 4.3 miles; perfect for an hour of lunch-time fresh air, blood flow, and mind clearing. (Or phone calls of salacious and entertaining gossip!)

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