Happy December

Another successful Thanksgiving holiday is in the books – think overloads of delicious food, beach sunsets, Just Dance on the Wii, Scattegories, coastal range driving dusted in snow, and a hint of family drama that left me wishing I had embraced greater grace.

The weather was stunning in Rockaway (cold but unflinchingly clear) – this was my view while reheating the caramelized onion and garlic mashed potatoes and roasted vegetable side dishes I brought to share in the festive indulgence. We joined Ann and Rob as well as their four kiddos, Mom and Dad, and Dan for our Thanksgiving meal at Bryce and Jessica’s beach house. Cary and I rented a suite at the Surfside Oceanfront Inn just up the road on highway 101. Neve loved having access to a heated indoor pool during our stay.

Our weekend rounded out with some girl cousin time back in Beaverton – Ava (14), Luci (11), and Neve (9 – 17 days) loved hanging out with the baby of the pack Vivienne (7 months).

December 2019 will not only close out a decade of political unrest unknown for half a century in the US, but it will also conclude my tumultuous 30s. An era of building – a career, a family, a home as an owner (not a renter), a life of increased art and activism – and blunders. I have made many missteps and erroneous assumptions. I am still largely on unstable footing as I think about further growth when it comes to most of the components that comprise my life, but I am optimistic my 40s will feel more satisfying and rewarding than the last 10!

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