Corona Mania

Two weeks ago I could not have imagined the prevalence of the following concepts disrupting our daily lives:

Social Distancing

School Closures/Home Schooling

Cancelled St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations and Gigs

Building Closed/Mandatory Tele-work



Elbow Bumps

Toilet Paper Hoarding

Test shortages

Presumed Positive

Flattening the curve

Respirator Shortage

Restaurants Closed

Gyms Closed

Cinemas/Theaters Closed

Flights Cancelled

Gatherings Limited to 10 People

Hand Washing – Loads and Loads of Hand Washing

If feels as though we’re living the script of a future dystopian blockbuster – taking place somewhere in the mid 22nd century. As the infection rate and death toll grow exponentially (see for minute-by-minute updates), there is little cause for hope that we’ll be returning to pre-COVID-19 living conditions any time soon.

Amidst the chaos of viral spread swirling in violent invisibility beyond our control, I managed to add to the uncertainty in my own life by accepting an offer for a new job and announcing my resignation at Bonneville Power Administration (after six years!). When I set this sequence in certain motion just 10 days ago, I could not imagine my final days at BPA would in fact not be at BPA but be me sitting in front of my computer at home – nor could I conceive of starting in a new role at Columbia Sportswear on a remote basis.

Holding on one day at a time, worrying whether we’re doing enough to mitigate the harm of this ravaging virus, I am bracing for the worst while hoping for the best. In an attempt to cultivate a little joy in the neighborhood we are taking advantage of this sun-filled St. Patrick’s Day in Portland to share some Irish music on the block this evening – at a six-foot distance from all attendees (to be expected, naturally).

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