Impeachment Fatigue

This week was a grueling one – a house guest I avoided as much as possible while trying to not appear overtly rude (I hope I was able to achieve that – I did not elicit feedback), job interviews and a skills assessment, and an historic impeachment trial I couldn’t turn away from (is it my lawyer curiosity, my undergraduate studies in political philosophy, my unrelenting optimism in the underpinnings of American democracy, or just plain lack of self-control? I don’t know, but it was like watching a slow-motion car wreck. I was captivated, disturbed, puzzled, hopeful, skeptical, worried, proud, ashamed, and devastated all in quick secession. And that is just exhausting – on top of that I left many voice messages for the identified possible “swing” senators listed above. I spent approximately 10 minutes each day clicking, calling, and desperately asking for commonsense leadership from these members of the world’s supposed most prestigious, respected deliberative body.

“Mrs. Senator, I am an American. I am a mother. I am an attorney. I am a patriot. I am asking you to uphold your oath of office, honor our democratic institutions, and require nothing less than a full trial in the Senate to allow us to see evidence and hear witnesses. Please demonstrate leadership. Do what is right, even if it is not popular with your party. Show the American public you care enough to arm us with the facts to make an informed decision when we approach the ballot box in November. This is what you have been elected to do. We are counting on you. Thank you for your service.”

We know now it was a fruitless expenditure of time and energy. Fuck you, US Senate, for ignoring the 72%+ of Americans who want to know the truth, who elected you to do a job that you failed to do. I revel in the hope for backlash, and I look forward to watching you go down.

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