Activism in Motion

Another bustling week is underway, and a dominant theme in our household is my volunteer work for Moms Demand Action. Tonight, I’ll be co-hosting our second SE Portland group meeting with fellow board members, Colette and Amy. I’ll be presenting strategies on how to engage in fact-base discourse about gun violence prevention with gun owners and enthusiasts, skeptics, and supporters around the holidays. It can obviously be emotional and contentious conversation for many folks who hold various views and positions across the spectrum. One indisputable reality is the US’s unique, prevalent gun culture and the statistics show that with increased access to guns comes increased violence caused by them – suicide, homicide, and unintentional gun deaths and injuries are significantly higher in the US than our peer nations.

Some staggering statistics to drive home the crisis of gun violence plaguing our nation:

The US has a gun homicide rate 25x that of other high-income countries.

More than 100 people die by firearm each day in the US.

Americans are 20x more likely to be shot and killed than people in peer nations.

Gun deaths are the second leading cause of death (only narrowly behind car accidents and more than twice as common as cancer deaths) for American children and teens.

The facts are daunting, but critical progress has been made in targeted jurisdictions and there is significant enthusiasm for and commitment to the cause among Moms volunteers! We will keep going!

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